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Community Survey

We would like to get to know our community better so we can organize events & services that are relevant to all of us. Please provide your insights by completing the survey below!

Survey Anchor
Demographics - Some basic info about you:
Do you live with family in the area?
Please select all the different age ranges that are present in your family local here in Dayton:
Most frequented local Islamic institutions (select up to 3):
Interests & Skills - Your interests and how you can contribute
How frequently do you go to your local Islamic institution(s)?
Select the top 3 types of programs that most interest you at the masjid:
Do you have any experience with interfaith work?
What age range in particular would you be interested in seeing programs for?
How important do you find it to have events at the masjid, as opposed to having Islamic events at other venues?
What specific skill sets do you have? This doesn’t mean you have to be an expert, but that you have a passion for and some level of above average experience in. Please select all that apply. Below we’ve simply made a few options, but we encourage everyone to fill out their own answer as well
What skills would have been beneficial if you could have found local Muslims to help you with?
Your Thoughts - What our community is thinking
How useful do you find this initiative to survey our community so that we can better serve everyone? (1 being not useful and 5 being very useful)

Thank you for sharing your perspective with us! Your opinions will help us better serve the community, inshallah.


Jazakum Allahu Khairan


- Dayton Mercy Society

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